Competition Format:
The object of the competition is to move up and stay on the top court by winning games and being deemed the “Boss of the Brine”. The courts will be numbered 1-4, with court 1 being the top court and court 4 being the bottom court.

Partners for the first game will be set up by a random draw of players done by the event coordinator prior to the event. All games will be timed and played for 10 minutes. All games will start at the same time with a whistle or some other signal. Points will still be scored like a normal pickleball game. At the end of 10 minutes another whistle blow or signal will be given indicating the end of the game. If you are in the middle of a rally when the whistle is blown, continue until that point is ended. The winning team of that game is the one with most points at the end of the 10 minutes. If the score is tied only one additional rally will be played and whoever wins that rally will be deemed the winner. You DO NOT have to be the serving team to win the tie breaking rally.

At the end of each game the winning team of that game will move up a court and the non-winners will move down a court. If you are on court 1 and win you will stay on court 1. If you are on court 4 and lose you stay on court 4. When you move from one court to another you will split from your previous partner and play with a different player from your new court. Your new partner for each game will be selected using a random draw system.

Since the games are timed it is important to move quickly to your next court when your game ends. We will work in some small breaks, but we need to limit time between games. We plan to play 10 timed games of 10 minutes. At the end of the day whoever finishes on the top court in each skill level will be the BOSS(ES) OF THE BRINE.