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JCPC Board Statement on Response to COVID-19
As everyone has, the club is adapting to life during a pandemic, the JCPC board wanted to let everyone know how we plan to handle future cases of COVID-19 that may affect local pickleball players. Going forward we encourage anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 to contact Casey Parnell or contact another board member. In this circumstance we will ask for your written permission to release information about days and times that the individual played so that we may pass that information along to club members so they may gauge their own exposure risk. It is our intention to maintain everyone’s privacy to the best of our ability and to keep everyone safe and informed. We appreciate everyone’s consideration and continued civil discourse on this topic.
JCPC Board Statement on Open Play
It is becoming clear that as the number of people playing pickleball continues to rise and the amount of court space remains the same, there will be more competition for the space and time. While the club has posted times for “open play”, when you know others will be present to play together as a group, we encourage everyone to consider that there are players who will choose to play in smaller groups, especially in light of the pandemic. We recognize the desire to stay safe and we also recognize that the establishment of small group play has bumped up against the desire of the club to maintain the same social, friendly, and welcoming reputation which sets pickleball apart from many other sports. We think there can be a balance if people remain flexible and understanding, and we communicate our intentions clearly. Therefore, for the time being, the club board will remain in support of posting open play times. We encourage those who wish to play in small groups to be considerate of court space limitations and schedule their play around open play times or play on the unlined tennis courts if the front courts are full. We also ask that if you reserve the tennis courts for private play during what would be open play times, please post an announcement to the club Facebook page so others will be aware of court availability. Thank you for your continued support and consideration.

Open Play Schedule:
Linc (1299 Lafayette St) Indoor Courts:
Members: Free
Non-members: $3.00
Wednesday 9am-12pm, 6-9pm
Friday 12pm-3pm, 6-9pm
Sunday 12-3pm
YMCA (525 Ellis Blvd) Indoor Courts:
Members: Free
Non-members: $7.00
Senior non-members: $5.00
Sunday After Hours: free to members, $5.00 for non-members
YMCA Court Schedule
Open play:
Monday Open Play 1pm-3pm Courts 1,2,3,4
Tuesday Round Robin play (members only) 12pm-2pm Courts 1,2,3,4
Wednesday Open Play 10 a.m.-2:00 p.m Courts 2,3,4
Thursday Round Robin play (members only) 12pm-2pm Courts 1,2,3,4
Friday Open Play 1pm-3pm Courts 1,2,3,4
Saturday Open Play 4pm-6pm Courts 2,3,4
Sunday Open Play 6:30pm- 9:30pm Courts 1,2,3,4
All times are subject to weather conditions and court availability. Everyone is encouraged to continue to physically distance and practice other public health recommendations. Play at your own risk.