The Jefferson City Pickleball Club (JCPC) is organized to facilitate the growth of Pickleball in Jefferson City, Missouri and surrounding areas. The JCPC will work to cultivate a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for the enjoyment, health and social engagement of players at all skill levels. To this end, all players are offered opportunities for recreational and competitive play, instruction and education, special events, league play and tournament play. The JCPC will work to coordinate, communicate and promote community Pickleball programs and to expand play opportunities and facilities as needed. In addition, the JCPC may offer support to community organizations who work with children or adults in the greater Jefferson City, Missouri area.

Meeting Minutes
November 2022 February 2023 March 2023 April 2023 May 2023 June 2023 July 2023

2022-2023 Executive Board


Facility Committee
Mike Gerling – Chairperson
Art McGeorge
Mike Bloemke
Kevin Haslag

Competition Committee
Kevin Haslag – Chairperson
Larry Anders
Heath Garvin
Lynn Struemph
Carol Oetting
Janet Bloemke
Shawn McCall

Social Committee
Gwen Pelzer – Chairperson
Jo Anderson
Jack Anderson
Dick Lueckenhoff
Felicia Poettgen
Ashley Mehmert
Larry Anders
Jane Abbottt

Membership Committee
Jan McGeorge – Chairperson
Alice Bax

Player Development Committee
Dennis Gragg – chairperson
Carol Sawyer
Mary Ulm
Tom Ratzki
Aiden Petterson
Penny Thomas
Gail Cummins
Gale Bailey

Communication Committee
Bruce Scovil – Chairperson
Tomkat Kirchner

Fundraising Committee