Sue - Prince Paddle

The Jefferson City Pickleball Club received this paddle to review and I have used this paddle for about a week now and I really like the feel of the grip and the response when hitting a ball. The weight is just right. Light but not too light. The grip size is perfect and my hand feels comfortable no matter if hitting dinks or long hard smash shots. Serves were consistent in length and strength due to the fact that contact with the ball didn’t need to be dead center, any spot of contact with the paddle gave the same result. I had great control with shots and there didn’t seem to be any issues with sweet spots – its ALL sweet spots! No dead corners. Others in our club asked to try this paddle and expressed interest as well. They also like the feel, weight and control when using it. I would think this would be a great paddle for newer players who can’t invest a large sum of money on a paddle alone. It would be an asset to players from novice to intermediate levels due to the control it imparts when connecting with any brand of ball used.  It certainly will help improve overall accuracy. I was impressed enough to change from my current paddle and use it in our recent tournament play. I was able to control my shots even in the wind we experienced outdoors. Thank you Pickleball Central for the chance to review this fine paddle.

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